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Our Clothing: by Stanley/Stella

All our clothing is produces by Stanley/Stella who offers products that respect people, the environment and customers and are made in a more humane, ethical and ecological way. There entire catalogue is awarded the PETA Vegan label.

Stanley/Stella is a manufacturer that appeared in 2012: since then, it has gradually become a figure in the textile industry, and this is fully deserved.
The company is the fruit of the will and imagination of its founder, whose idea was to "break the codes and change the perception of the textile industry", an industry often criticised for taking liberties with ethics and with the excessive use of resources, such as water or oil.
What is Stanley/Stella's goal? To truly implement strong values of respect for the environment and the worker while offering only premium quality pieces.

Stanley/Stella has a strong commitment to the environment and offers only environmentally friendly products: in their catalogue you will find a wide range of items made from organic cotton, linen, Tencel® and Modal®, recycled cotton and polyester, etc. In short, the brand makes it a point of honour to manufacture only items made from green materials, which are not greedy for non-renewable resources or essential for the health of our planet.
Since its inception, this manufacturer has been fully committed to its mission of meticulously examining every stage of production to find as many ways as possible to reduce its footprint, from harvesting to distribution. While many textile companies have been greenwashing in recent years, Stanley/Stella is truly taking action to symbolise a return to quality, sustainability and simplicity.
Because Stanley/Stella's commitment has been widely proven, approved and applauded by a large number of organisations, you will notice that this manufacturer benefits from numerous ecological labels and certifications such as the GOTS, guaranteeing the organic designation of its products, the OEKO-TEX Standard, confirming the absence of substances harmful to health in the materials, the GRS (Great Recycled Standard), validating the application of strict ethical and ecological rules for the manufacture of recycled materials and the OCS 100, certifying that the organic composition of the garments is between 95% and 100%.

It should be noted that placing environmental protection at the heart of its concerns does not detract from human well-being. On the contrary, it is another of the brand's motivations: to guarantee ethical working conditions for its workers, most of whom work in Bangladesh, a major textile factory.
Firstly, the choice of organic materials ensures that none of the manufacturer's workers are exposed to the pesticides present in many other crops (such as non-organic cotton), thus saving them from great risks of poisoning.
Stanley/Stella is part of the highly regarded FairWear Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that labour laws are respected on multiple levels: free choice of work, no child labour, no discrimination in employment, binding contracts, safe working conditions, freedom of association and decent wages. It is indeed essential for the brand to offer an optimised quality of life to its workers, notably by setting wages well above the minimum established by the Bangladeshi government: in 2018, wages have been subject to a major increase amounting to no less than 50%.

Read more on the Stanley/Stella website.


Our Printer: TPOP

Our inks take care of your skin, but also of the environment.
TPOP uses water-based inks, 100% eco-certified by OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT and by the very serious GOTS 5.0 label, and are VEGAN.
In short, it is the best of the best.

Plastic sucks, therefore TPOP ships your order without plastic: the products are packaged in nice top quality recyclable cardboard sleeves or, depending on the size of the product, in soft sleeves made of recycled material. Even the paper used to print the slips is environmentally friendly: from a short circuit based in France, it benefits from the FSC and PEFC labels guaranteeing its origin from sustainably managed forests. An initiative that has been praised by the WWF.

Read more on the TPOP website.